Submissions Policy

Yes, I am currently accepting submissions. I'm just getting this thing off the ground, and I can't release music without having music to release, so send it on over! If you'd like to submit, please take some time to read a bit about the kind of thing I'm looking to release.

Short Run/Short Format

To start with, I'm concentrating on short-format releases (think split cassingle/four song ep etc). The reasoning behind this is twofold. First, short-run/short-format releases mean I can quickly release more music from a wide variety of artists. I don't currently have the resources to be anyone's dedicated label, but short run, short-format releases mean I can cover a lot of ground and release a wide variety of unique projects. Secondly, if done right, it'll offer the artists a quick, (ideally) cool, and unique release to keep momentum and interest going between major releases. Additionally, things like split releases are fun for fans. It's like having a band you dig directly recommend another artist they think you should check out. Everybody wins.

What, How Much, and How to Submit

I'd prefer to put out previously unreleased songs, but I'm open reimaginings/rearrangements if there's a compelling vision

Sylistically, I'm open to just about anything, so please don't be shy.

Please feel free to submit scratch/rough/phone recordings. The goal here is to make a new recording of your composition with you, so a polished recording is not necessary for submission. Just make sure the song/piece comes through in a way that faithfully represents what you're doing.

Like I mentioned in the item above, the goal is to make a new lofi recording of your highbrow composition on either my cassette 4 track or 1/4 inch 8 track or some lofi-ish tape machine of some kind. That said we currently live in a reality that includes Covid. As a result, I'm working on a model of making new recordings collaboratively that will maximize safety, health, and comfort. I look forward to a time when I can remove this item. That said, even then, your safetly, health, and comfort will be of primary concern!

Please submit a single song at a time. I will listen through all submissions I get as long as submission volume allows. Keeping it to one song helps ensure I'll be able to do so without it becoming a full time job.

I will try my very best to get back to you regardless of whether or not I'm able to put something out with you. Please feel free to follow up with me if I haven't responded to you within 3 weeks of your submission.

Please direct all submissions to I prefer streaming links (Soundcloud Google Drive etc), but you can attach an .mp3 if you prefer. Please don't attach lossless file formats if you can help it.

If your submission is specifically aimed at consideration for a Seattle Singles Club release, please put "Seattle Singles Club" as the subject of your email.

If you are not submitting for Seattle Singles Club consideration, and you have a specific idea for a project, please feel free to tell me about your idea in the body of the email.

Ok, that's it. Happy submitting, and I look forward to hearing you and hearing from you!