Fuzzy Nonsense | Mono A Mono

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On the way to play a show in late February of 2020, just before Washinton state shut down on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, I stopped by an appartment building in North Seattle, and traded a stranger 100 bucks for a Yamaha MT120 cassette four track. It's an itch I'd been meaning to scratch for years. Several days later, I decided to try recording a tune I'd had sitting around for a while, but hadn't done anything with. I turned guitars up loud, and hit drums hard. I liked the way it turned out. With lockdown fully underway at that point, I decided to make a rock record on a four track in the back of my house. Fuzzy Nonsense is the result. I've always dug big, fuzzy guitars, and bands that sound like they might go off the rails at any point, but I've never really allowed myself to indulge those proclivities. Until now.
- Nick Droz
August 12, 2020


- Nick Droz: guitars, bass, vocals, drums -

- All songs written by Nick Droz -

- Produced by Nick Droz -

- Recorded and mixed by Nick Droz at Highbrow Lofi -

- Art layout and design by Mike Votava -

- Cover photo by Paul Nathan -